Analysis: Trump not going to get rid of Iran nuclear deal

Analysis: Trump not going to get rid of Iran nuclear deal

A top foreign policy adviser to Donald Trump says in a new interview that the billionaire would not scrap the Iran nuclear deal if his presidential bid is successful.

“[Trump is] not going to get rid of an agreement that has the institutional signature of the United States,” Walid Phares said in an interview with the Daily Caller published July 4.

“He is a man of institutions. But he’s going to look back at it in an institutional way. So he is not going to implement it as is, he is going to revise it after negotiating one on one with Iran or with a series of allies.”

Trump has been outspoken against the landmark diplomatic agreement, calling it “disastrous” and vowing to renegotiate the nuclear accord between the U.S., Iran, and five other world powers if he assumes the presidency.

Phares said that while Trump opposes the Iran deal and feels it was poorly negotiated, he would seek the input of Congress for improvements rather than fully dismantling it.

“He’s said so far that he doesn’t like this deal and that it was poorly negotiated,” he said.  “Once elected, he’s going to renegotiate it after talking through it with his advisers.

“One of the clear possibilities is he will send it back to Congress,” Phares added. “The reaction of the Iranian leadership will be the next phase.”

Phares also said Trump would not implement the deal as it stands currently but instead revise it after negotiations with Iran and American allies. Iran nuclear deal

President Obama announced a landmark international pact concerning Iran’s nuclear energy capabilities last year.

The historic deal eased economic sanctions on Iran in exchange for greater restrictions on its nuclear program.