Debate about granting Turkish nationality for Syrians

Debate about granting Turkish nationality for Syrians

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan statement regarding granting the Turkish nationality to Syrians in Turkey went viral in social media, while debate rose about the idea.

Speaking at an iftar dinner in the southeastern province of Kilis on Saturday, Erdoğan mentioned the issue, while addressing Syrian refugees there.

Speaking to Daily Sabah, Parliament’s Refugee Rights Committee head Atay Uslu said work is still underway for the regulation in addition to granting Syrians work and residence permits, adding that Turkey will not allow the economic potential of the Syrians in the country to fade away.

“There are lots of qualified Syrians in science and academic fields living in Turkey. I do not know how many will be granted citizenship but the truth is not all of them will enjoy this right. Secondly, it will be on a voluntary basis. Thirdly, it will happen after a certain process. Those who are to receive a Turquoise Card or residence permit will enjoy this right after some years of residence.”

Milliyet paper pointed out that Turkey is studying a proposal to organize certain procedures concerning Syrians in Turkey to be submitted to the parliament after Eid al-Fitr.

According to the proposed amendments, Syrians are to be given the Turkish nationality by forming special committees in every Turkish city to accelerate the process.

Media source added that more flexibility is proposed regarding the previous condition of having spent a minimum of 5 years in Turkey.

Regarding military service, the sources confirmed that only those who are between 18 and 22 shall serve in the Turkish army once they are granted the Turkish nationality.