Jordan refuses to extradite Palestinian charged with murder in Israel

A magistrate court in Amman, Jordan has refused to extradite a Palestinian charged with murder to Israel, Agencies reported.

Judge Muhammad al-Tarawani issued his decision to refuse the extradition of the Palestinian, Abu Samia, from Jordan to Israel, on the grounds that there is no treaty or convention regarding extradition between the two states.

Israel’s request for Abu Samia’s extradition came via Interpol to convict him and one other Palestinian for killing an Israeli. Previously, he was given a life sentence in prison in Israel but was released in 2011 during a prisoner swap with the Palestinian Authority.

Article 21 of the Jordanian Constitution states that 1.) Jordan will not extradite political refugees because of their political beliefs or their defense of their freedom. 2.) Extradite normal offenders as according to international agreements.