Aleppo offensive: New massacres by Assad-Russian airstrikes

Aleppo offensive: New massacres by Assad-Russian airstrikes

Russian and Assad regime’s jets have escalated their airstrikes on many of neighborhoods in Aleppo in the last 24 hours. The cities and towns in Aleppo countryside were also attacked with barrel, cylinder, and phosphorus bombs, activists said.

On Thursday, four civilians were killed after Assad and Russian jets attacked on Thursday with missiles, al-Katerji neighborhood to the east of Aleppo.

In Aleppo eastern countryside’s al-Bab, residential areas were targeted by Assad and Russian warplanes. White phosphorus and vacuum bombs were used in the attacks on al-Sheikh Akeel Mountain, al-Ra’i Road, al-Azraq Road, and the city center, Orient Net learnt from special sources.

Many civilians were seriously injured on Wednesday evening in al-Sakhoor, a neighborhood in the east of the city, where Assad and Russian jets attacked the area with barrel and cylinder bombs, Syria live Network (SLN) reported.

Massacres were also witnessed when Assad and Russian jets attacked on Tuesday in Tareeq al-Bab neighborhood to the east of te city where eight people lost their lives after being trapped under the rubble of the leveled-to-ground buildings, activists said.

Civil defense volunteers complain of the lack of rescue instruments, as Assad and Russian jets attack the road of Castello, which is one of the main supply routes used by opposition from Turkey.

Video footage disseminated on social media on Wednesday morning to show flames coming up from civilians’ houses in Aleppo northern countryside’s Hritan after Russian jets attacked the city with the internationally-banned phosphorus bombs.

Biyanon, al-Tamorah, Kafr Hamra, al-Mallah, Anadan and Castello Road were among the most targeted areas in Aleppo by Russian jets’ phosphorus and vacuum bombs.

It is worthy to note that Russia has escalated its bombardment to the utmost after Assad regime forces and its allies suffered heavy losses in lives and territories during the battles in Aleppo southern countryside’s Khlessa and its neighboring strategic areas.