Iran: executions and torture in holy month of Ramadan

Iran: executions and torture in holy month of Ramadan

The Iranian regime is continuing its use of mass executions, torture, floggings and widespread arrests during the holy month of Ramadan. Iran

Iranian authorities on June 15 sent five prisoners to the gallows in the central prisons of Bandar Abbas (southern Iran) and Yasouj (southwestern Iran). In the early days of Ramadan (2nd week of June) a deprived worker was horrifically flogged in public in the town of Ghir and Karzin in Fars Province under the pretext of eating during fasting hours. A number of other people in various cities have been arrested for similar reasons.

Iman Rashidi Yeganeh lost his life on June 10 after enduring four months of detention in appalling conditions in Parsiloun Prison of Khoram-Abad and being deprived of any medical care. He was mistakenly arrested back in March due to a name similarity. However, the criminal judge of the mullahs’ so-called court refused to release this prisoner despite learning of his innocence and in the light of warnings issued by physicians.

The regime’s inability and incapacity to temporarily put a lid on oppression, torture and executions, even in the sacred month of Ramadan, makes it crystal clear that the criminals ruling Iran cannot safeguard their rule for even one day without nooses and the use of torture against the people, National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) reported.

A young man was arrested and later killed during his incarceration by the suppressive security forces in Abadan, southwest Iran, according to local reports. Sources say that the young man was tortured to death in the custody of the regime’s security forces, NCRI added.

Amnesty International in its April 6 annual Death Penalty report covering the 2015 period wrote: “Iran put at least 977 people to death in 2015, compared to at least 743 the year before.”

“Iran alone accounted for 82% of all executions recorded” in the Middle East and North Africa, the human rights group said.

There have been more than 2,300 executions during Hassan Rouhani’s tenure as President.

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in the country in March announced that the number of executions in Iran in 2015 was greater than any year in the last 25 years. Rouhani has explicitly endorsed the executions as examples of “God’s commandments” and “laws of the parliament that belong to the people.