Israel to Build an Underground Wall around Gaza Strip

The Israeli government plans to build a concrete wall tens of meters underground as well as aboveground along the Gaza Strip border to counter the threat of Hamas attack tunnels, reported Ynet news Thursday morning.

The construction costs for the wall, which will stretch along the 60 miles of the southern border around the Gaza Strip, are estimated to reach 2.2 billion shekels ($569,468,812).

The wall will stretch along the 60 miles of the southern border around the Gaza Strip, and will in fact be the third defense system of its kind Israel has built along the border.

The first 60-kilometer barrier was constructed in 1994 following the Oslo accords while the second system was built following the decision to disengage from Gaza in 2005.

At a press briefing on Thursday, a senior Defense Ministry official alluded to predictions of another war between Israel and the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, saying a conflict is “inevitable.”

“We have no desire to rule over Gaza, and as long as there is no alternative government there, we have no business being there,” said the senior official. “But on the other hand we cannot conduct a constant war of attrition. Therefore the next conflict has to be the last conflict in terms of Hamas ruling the Strip. We are not looking for an adventure, but a confrontation with Hamas is inevitable. It is an ongoing and growing threat and we need to be prepared for it. ”
In a parallel effort, the IDF is currently erecting a wall around sections of the border with Lebanon, adjacent to which a number of Israeli towns are located. Construction of the wall was decided following threats made by Hezbollah against Israeli border towns.
The Israeli Defense Ministry was not immediately available for comment.

At present, there a fence already exists along the border, but the wall is intended to make an infiltration of enemy forces even more difficult.