Russia’s Ambassador in Cairo: Deadly Arms Deals Between Egypt and Moscow

The Russian ambassador in Cairo Sergey Kerpichenko said that he holds much information on the deadly arms deals between Egypt and Russia. He also pointed that the Egyptian minister of defense refuses to declare the military deals and contracts as they are considered special information. He added that Egypt and Russia are moving on the right path as Russia is ready to increase Egypt’s defense capabilities.

The head of Russia’s state technologies corporation Rostec- Sergey Chemezov , -said that Egypt is interested in anti-ballistic missile system M2A, Antey-2500 , and Buk surface-to-air missile. Rostec Corporation is responsible for administrating Russia’s arms and weapons exports.

Egypt ordered from Russia the supply of the Antey 2500 and Buk missile to upgrade the capabilities of its Air Defense Force (ADF). The Egyptian-Russian missile deal is part of the multi-billion Russian-Egyptian arms deal of 2014 and involves beside the missile order the supply of command posts, spares, and accessories at a cost of US$1 billion. Egypt will also receive auxiliary technological equipment, launchers and other essential equipment to support the system.

S-300VM “Antey-2500” is a Russia-manufactured air-defense system that was developed on the basis of S-300 missile system to hit ballistic and cruise missiles. It could reach targets at a distance up to 125 miles up and at a height up to 18 miles.

9K37 Buk missile system was developed by the Soviet Union and is being modified by Russia. The system is designed to bring down aircraft, cruise missiles, and unmanned aerial vehicles. It could hit targets at a distance of up to 30 miles up and at a height up to 15 miles. In addition, Egypt has signed a deal with the Russian Rosoboronexport  armaments company for the sale and delivery of 46 attack helicopters.