Islamic State claims responsibility for Paris attack

Supporters of Islamic State (IS) have circulated a lengthy statement in French claiming to be from the group, saying that France was a “top target”.  The statement claimed that “soldiers of the Caliphate” had attacked Paris “to target the capital of abominations and perversion”. It also claimed that the attacks came as a response to insults directed at the Prophet Muhammad as well France’s involvement in air strikes targeting Islamic State in Syria.

The terrorist attack in Paris on Friday evening is the deadliest to hit the country since the Second World War as reactions to the attacks, in which at least 128 people were killed, continued to pour in.

“This attack is just the start of a storm and a warning for those who wish to draw lessons,” the statement added.

The attacks happened on Friday evening, when at least eight attackers launched co-ordinated bombings and shootings across Paris.
The identities and nationalities of the attackers are not yet known, although French police announced on Saturday that a Syrian passport had been found near the body of one of them.

More than 100 people were also injured, many of them critically, with the attack sending shockwaves through the country and prompting President Francois Hollande to vow swift retaliation.