Herzog not sure Netanyahu’s US visit was success

Isaac Herzog, head of the political opposition in Israel, is saying that the outcome of the prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Washington was unclear despite what appeared to be an improved atmosphere created by the trip.

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating”, says Herzog, who is the leader of the Labor Party.

Herzog, who himself also visited the United States at the same time, said the success of the prime minister’s meeting with President Obama and other administration officials would be determined partly by improvements in American military assistance to Israel and whether there was “any commitment on behalf of the prime minister to make a change on the peace front, on the Palestinian front, and this, I don’t know.”

Netanyahu’s relation with the american president Barack Obama has been very shaky for a long time. The nuclear agreement with Iran, the Israeli settlement expansion and the unwillingness Netanyahu has showed in advancing any peace talks, have all deteriorated the relation severely.